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4 February, 2022

The St Patrick’s Way of Life

Whilst the influence of COVID-19 once again casts a shadow over the 2022 school year, the staff of St Patrick’s School, Allora, have been busily preparing for the return of students on Monday 7 February.

New Teaching staff at St Patrick’s School. Mrs Kathryn Lucas and Mrs Jannita Hentschel

The academic, spiritual and emotional development of our students has again been the focus of staff professional development since their return to school on 19 January. 

Exploring concepts such as the science of learning and refining individual personalised learning ensures student engagement and progress are the cornerstones of the school’s academic culture.

In another exciting development for St Patrick’s, the school welcomes Mrs. Jannita Hentschel to the teaching staff who will take responsibility for the school’s Year 2 cohort. 

Mrs. Hentschel is a highly experienced educator who displays a genuine passion for numeracy and literacy. She has received extensive professional development in early years education in her recent role at St Mary’s, Warwick, and will relish her opportunity to teach in a small rural context. 

Mrs. Hentschel completed a double degree from University of New England in 2008 and received a Masters in Education specialising in Special Education in 2011.

To further enhance the quality of the school’s academic enrichment for students is the appointment of Mrs. Kathryn Lucas as the school’s new enrichment teacher. 

Mrs. Lucas is a highly experienced classroom teacher whose role will centre around providing explicit classroom interventions for reluctant readers and offering enrichment opportunities for our more capable learners.

New enrolments are always welcome. Please feel free to contact St Patrick’s School on 4666 3551 or by email to arrange a school tour or alternatively, for more information access the school’s website and complete the online application for 2022. Come and experience the St Patrick’s Way of Life, where our Catholic faith is one of invitation and our Christian story provides an identity which is totally inclusive.

Keith Blaikie - Principal

St Patrick’s School Allora

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