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18 January, 2023

Talented Artist Relocates To Hendon

Artist Donna Mitchell, surrounded by some of her many works in The Shack at Hendon. Donna has been drawing and painting since the age of eight with portraits her speciality. She now shares her knowledge and skills by conducting art classes for kids and adults.

Since moving to Hendon in 2022, we have enjoyed the simpler lifestyle that comes with living in the country. It kind of feels like going back 20 years, as I find myself enjoying the outdoors, growing vegies, catching cray bobs and strolling down the street of Allora on a lazy afternoon with the occasional chat with locals.

Growing up near Wee Waa, memories of being flooded in provided me opportunity to learn to draw at age 7 by my mother. 

Knowing I would be an artist when I grew up, at 16, I began painting portraits of movie stars selling them for $30, met my husband and raised five children, teaching them also how to draw. 

Over 30 years, I have enjoyed a successful career as an artist and visual art teacher. 

Portraits remain my passion and am inspired through my faith and connections with people, therefore art has been a huge blessing in my life. 

I am happy to do individual portraits if you desire a special memory that will last a lifetime.

I finally have built a little art studio, giving me space to create and provide opportunity for kids to learn and enjoy being creative. 

I am offering two classes after school commencing Term One, so if you have a child showing signs of a love for art and want to learn, feel free to give me a call and let the creating begin. 

- Donna Mitchell

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