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10 May, 2022

This will warm your heart

Peter McDowell is a man who lives in a van and has a dog and videos to keep him going and when he needed help last week, Clifton proved that there is still a lot of good in the world.

Peter McDowell and his dog Sonny are thankful for the kindness shown to them in Clifton.

Peter openly admits that he has problems with mental health which at times gets the better of him.

He is living in a van at the Clifton Recreation Grounds but last week he was in Brisbane undergoing  treatment for his mental health and physical problems.

He returned to Clifton and on Friday had a bad reaction to his medication and treatment and became very ill that night.

Peter put out a call for help on the local facebook page.

It brought a result and a local lady called for an ambulance, which resulted in him being transported to Toowoomba.

The good Samaritan looked after his dog “Sonny” while he was receiving treatment in Toowoomba.

“The lady literally saved my life,” Peter told The Clifton Courier.

Meanwhile another local lady, a prominent café owner, has helped him out with food and warm clothing.

“These two ladies have been really fantastic to me,” Peter said. 

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