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26 August, 2022

Tradition, speed, hint of rivalry all part of the fun

The cars are ready. Best mates Neil Fowler and Denis Boyce and their sons, both named Lachlan, will be lining up with their Fords for the Pittsworth Sprints this weekend.

It’s a tradition in both families and something looked forward to each year, and there’s just a whiff of rivalry between Boyce father and son. 

Neil claims to be in it just for the fun but admits he’s had a bit of work done on his ‘92 EB Ford this year. 

He and his mechanic nephew Blake Pearce have been working on the engine. 

“We put a Holley carby on it, and put a cam in it, trying to get a few more berries out of it.”

 So is he the man to beat this year?

“No I’m only in it for
sh.ts and giggles.”

And all the others chime in, in agreement. 

But there’s just a hint of cheerful rivalry too - the Boyce men have been coming neck and neck for the last few years, despite the differences in their cars and the ongoing tweaks.   

“It’s great fun and the whole community gets involved, “ Denis said. 

“It goes right back to the guys who started it all,” Neil said. “They were the godfathers of the sprints... Lloyd Lindenberg, Robbie Arnold, Graham Kelly, Gary Weller, Lindsay Evans, Lloyd Saunders...”

Among the highlights, after the actual racing - on a circuit in the industrial estate at the edge of town -
are the burnouts with more than 40 cars signed up for that on Saturday night. 

Sunday’s events  includes a Show and Shine. 

Neil said it couldn’t all happen without the support of sponsors and the volunteers and community groups who give their time to run the event. 

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