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4 May, 2022

Wattles case settled

A case which saw two people charged in connection with the disappearance of funds from Wattles Rugby League Football Club has been settled out of court.

Suspicions were raised around three years ago when the club’s funds appeared to be falling behind expectations.

Investigations led to charges being laid against two people who had been volunteers for Wattles.

Joanne Waterhouse had been the club’s treasurer and Timothy Gleeson the bar convenor.

They were each charged in connection with the missing money.

While a precise amount of funds missing was hard to assess, the figure raised during court hearings was in excess of $30,000.

The settlement reached between the parties will see charges against Waterhouse and Gleeson dropped upon payment of the agreed figure, which has not been disclosed.

It is understood that Wattles Club was successful with an insurance claim as a result of the missing funds.

In a statement following the mention in Warwick Magistrate’s Court on Friday, a spokesperson for Wattles Rugby League Football Club said after nearly three years the club is just happy that it has been settled.

“We can now concentrate on the footballers on the field and working to make the club financially secure,” the spokesperson said.

“We can put our energies back into the club.

“We have a lot of great people involved so the club will now be moving forward.”

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