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21 July, 2022

Westbrook telecom tower approved

A Telstra telecommunications facility will be constructed on Keding Road at Westbrook following approval by Toowoomba Regional Council, providing improved reception, 4G and 5G services.

The tower will be located at the north-western corner of Westbrook township.

The telecommunications facility will be built on the western edge of town at 110 Keding Road, just past the end of Shoesmith Road.

A few minor amendments were made to the application after it was originally submitted in May.

The application was submitted by Ventia Australia Pty Ltd on behalf of Amplitel Pty Ltd.

Telstra InfraCo Towers was renamed Amplitel last year following the sale of 49 per cent of the company, with Telstra retaining a majority stake.

The facility includes a 30 metre monopole, nine panel antennas, ancillary equipment and an equipment shelter contained within a solid fence, with a retaining wall to be established on the eastern boundary of the compound.

Amplitel identified the need to install a telecommunications facility on the site to improve both voice and data services within the surrounding area.

There were 13 other sites considered for the location of the tower, which were decided against for various reasons.

These reasons included being too close to houses, future plans for the surrounding land, needing to negotiate with the local council, not being able to contact landholders, landholders who were not interested and landholders with whom Amplitel was unable to come to an agreement.

After the application was first submitted, the Council planner sought clarification on a few minor areas including the design of the retaining wall and stormwater runoff concerns.

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