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9 February, 2022

Wilkinsons kindly donate piano

Clifton Community Health Services (CCHS) is the beneficiary of a vintage piano, donated by the Wilkinson family in memory of their father and grandfather, Clyde.

Clyde Wilkinson’s piano with (from left) his son Don and granddaughters Lexi and Tara.

Clyde’s son Don said CCHS was a suitable place for the piano to be donated to because of Clyde’s connection with it.

“He spent a lot of time there so it’s only fitting,” Don said.

Don said for the final few years of his life, Clyde was a resident of Clifton Nursing Home and the family was grateful for the care he received.

The connection goes back further than that, as many years before he was a resident, Clyde used to play music for the residents which Don said he greatly enjoyed doing.

Clyde taught himself how to play the piano in his 20s, only having a couple of formal music lessons.

Don said music was the passion of Clyde’s life and along with playing he liked to write music, write poetry and perform in bands.

He also sang, played many other instruments, including the mouth organ, guitar and drums and always had a joke for the occasion.

There were no limits to his devotion and in his mid-40s he went so far as to ride a saddle bronc for the whole eight seconds to promote an original song, in his suit and tie at the Karrabin Rodeo, in the Ipswich area.

The Wilkinson family said that, before being a resident himself, Clyde would perform at the home, often alongside Billy Ktratzmann – making a name for themselves in and amongst the residents.  

Later in his life, Clyde ran a pub and then worked as a psychiatric nurse at hospitals including Baillie Henderson in Toowoomba.

However, the family said music was always Clyde’s passion and he would love to know that his legacy will live on through the piano now in the hands of CCHS, where it can be played and listened to by residents, staff and visitors for many years ahead.

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