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21 October, 2022

Workshop expands woodcraft horizons

Pittsworth Woodcrafters' Club recently held a six-hour workshop at the Historical Village.

Rather than a hands-on, learn-a-particular-skill workshop, on this occasion the dozen or so participants had a chance to learn from a wider skillset.

Instructor Bill Rangott from Flaxton, near Montville, is a well-known woodworking exponent and he addressed a wide field, ranging from the need for preparation through to available tools and materials and on to viable shortcuts for particular jobs.  

Bill has run workshops in Pittsworth previously, based around box-making skills.

This time he also provided information on power tools, and on details of available fittings and sources that he has found useful.

Bill describes himself as a “semi-professional, semi-retired hobbyist” and he bought with him examples of his work to illustrate various aspects he discussed. 

After the workshop, the woodcrafters agreed that while Bill might indeed be a “semi-retired hobbyist”, calling himself a “semi-professional” only goes half-way! These photos of Bill’s work back up that opinion. 

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