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14 January, 2022

2022 Allora Show Cancelled

It’s uncertain times that we’ve found ourselves in at the moment and we have been very lucky as a Community, up until the past few weeks, to have been relatively untouched by the ‘beast’ that has been called ‘COVID’.

The Management Committee of the Allora Show Society has done everything in its power, in the hope that the 2022 Allora Show would continue as it has done for the past 143 years. Everything was progressing well. Sponsors had been very supportive and each section of the Show was looking forward to presenting fantastic displays to our Patrons, with new and exciting displays ‘ready to go’. 

After a number of Management Committee Meetings, and also keeping well informed with up-to-date COVID information, with recent developments and predictions, it has been decided to cancel the 2022 Allora Show. This decision hasn’t been made lightly and is very disappointing for all the remarkable volunteers who have been working tirelessly to prepare the Showgrounds for its signature event. 

The Show needs the support of its many Vol-unteers to be able to go ahead. From the very loyal older members of the Community to the School children who assist in many ways, the Committee feels an obligation to everyone, to keep them as safe as they can. 

In light of the present outbreaks in our district, the number of cases increasing daily, and the peak of the current wave predicted to be at the time of the Show, it has been decided that the risk to our Community was far too great to proceed. The impact of one positive case within a family would have serious implications for them and others, including possible health issues and disruption to work commitments. 

This decision is a ‘risk-based’ approach regarding an assessment of the effects on our community. Whilst it is acknowledged by authorities that COIVD is and will spread, the aim is to slow the spread to enable our medical facilities the capability to manage, along with minimising impact on local businesses. The Allora Show Society is not an authority to ‘challenge’ or try and ‘get around’ Queensland Health requirements; nor do we wish to impose those consequences on our community. The society is not in favour of providing a ‘super spreader’ event which may result in an amplified detrimental effect on our community whether it be by illness or requirements to isolate. 

On a lighter note, the Bull Ride will be postponed to a date later in the year, when hopefully we will all be able to return to a more ‘normal’ life with the risk of infection greatly reduced.  Likewise, the Allora Show Society wishes to advise the showgrounds is open for use and welcomes groups who wish to hold practicable sized events during these times.  

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your support at future events at the Showgrounds. 

The Management Committee - Allora Show Society

(Memberships to the Allora Show Society are still available for purchase from the Warwick Credit Union Office in Allora.  This membership will ensure entry to the Bull Ride, Voting rights at the Meetings and entry into the Warwick and Killarney Shows. With Warwick and Killarney Shows being a little later in the year, it is hoped that circumstances will have improved by that time.)

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