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14 June, 2021

Action taken on Langsdorf Road

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) workers were busy at work repairing and upgrading the surface of Langsdorf Road at Nobby last week after years of campaigning by a concerned local resident.

Toowoomba Regional Council road maintenance vehicles make their way down to Langsdorf Road at Nobby.

The sight of TRC machinery and signage on Langsdorf Road was very much welcomed by resident Neville Brosnan.

Mr Brosnan has complained numerous times over many years to TRC about the condition of Langsdorf Road, yet until now no significant work had been completed.

Langsdorf Road, to the west of Nobby, runs between Felton Clifton Road and Mount Kent Boundary Road.

Council’s Infrastructure Chair Cr Carol Taylor said TRC had successfully applied for activation funding under the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements following a flooding event in early 2020.

“Council identified sections on Langsdorf Road to repair, where this event resulted in the wash out of material, with subsequent silt deposition and scouring within the road reserve,” Cr Taylor said. 

“Emergent work was undertaken to remove silt from the roadway to maintain normal access.”

Cr Taylor said the works being undertaken include reshaping the table drains and some gravel works.

“Council will continue to monitor the roads across the Region and appreciates the support and understanding of the community while these works take place.”

The repairs on Langsdorf Road come after coverage of its condition in the May 19th edition of The Clifton Courier.

Manapouri Road near Pilton, which was featured in the May 26th edition of The Clifton Courier, has also recently received some road repairs that local residents felt were much needed.

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