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15 May, 2021

Allora’s Progressive P-10 School

You may have noticed the scaffolding on the roof of B Block as you have passed by our school.

Work underway as part of the Advancing Clean Energy Schools Program with solar panels being installed.

This is part of the Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) Program – a significant investment by the State Government to reduce energy costs across state schools through the installation of solar panels and other energy efficiency measures. 

Our school will receive 38.48 KW DC / 30.00 KVA AC of Solar Photovoltaic panels which is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our school. 

Given that our school is now fully air conditioned, this will be a great addition. Some forward planning may be required for the plethora of sporting events occurring this term.

Those of particular interest to parents / carers include the Central Downs Gala Days Friday 14 and 28 May), the secondary Broncos Days (Wednesday 9 and 16 June) and the primary Broncos Day (Friday 11 June).

Shaun Kanowski, Principal

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