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10 May, 2021

Approval for self storage facility

Approval has been given for the staged development of a self-storage depot on the southwestern outskirts of Clifton.

An application for the project, on land at 8 Opportunity Court, was submitted to Toowoomba Regional Council by Clifton resident Angela Kochanski.

It is planned to construct 31 self-storage units and a caretaker’s cottage on the site.

The storage units would be built over four stages.

Each of the first three stages would see the construction of seven units, with ten to be built in the final stage.

The land is currently vacant, and had been part of the original Clifton showgrounds.

The applicant told the Council that each storage shed would have a closing arm, and tenants would provide their own locks for security purposes.

The sheds would be rented out at a rate per week deemed appropriate for a rural self-storage facility, which would be much cheaper than a city option.

The developer is also to provide 16 car parking spaces on the property.

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