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15 December, 2021

Businesses ready for December 17

Oakey businesses are busy preparing for the next round of State Government enforced COVID-19 regulation changes which will see unvaccinated residents prohibited from entering several establishments, including pubs, clubs and cafés from this Friday, December 17.

Bernborough Tavern owner Michael Carpenter and employee Alicia Duff are ready to follow the next set of regulations that will come in force on Friday.

Oakey district residents entering these businesses will also have to show proof of vaccination either via the ‘Check in Qld’ app or hard copy vaccination certificate.

The only local businesses which will be affected by the new rules are pubs and clubs - like Bernborough Tavern, Grand Hotel and RSL - and cafés, such as Cafe 85 and Flick Food & Coffee Bar Oakey.

Other businesses, like butchers, takeaways, supermarkets and bakeries will not have to limit their customers based on their vaccination status.

However, some businesses which don’t fit into a pub or café category but who still offer a sit down service will  need to ensure all dine-in customers are vaccinated.

Due to the differences in services offered and layout of premises, affected businesses have not all made the same changes to their operations.

The RSL has stated that no unvaccinated people will be allowed in the building from Friday.

The Bernborough Tavern and Grand Hotel will be servicing everyone at their drive-through section but require vaccination proof at their bar areas.

The Tavern will only offer takeaway food to unvaccinated patrons.

This is the same for the two local cafés which will only offer takeaway for locals who are not vaccinated.

These regulations also affect staff who will need to be vaccinated to continue their employment.

Bernborough Tavern owner Michael Carpenter said after a few weeks of uncertainty, he is prepared to follow the new regulations on Friday.

He said he is lucky his staff are vaccinated and ready to continue working for him.

“We had to clarify a few things because we have both the pub and bottleshop which fall under different categories, but we are prepared now,” Mr Carpenter said.

Mr Carpenter said he is working to create new ways of operating to ensure he follows the regulations in an efficient way.

“We are looking at having patrons wear wristbands saying they are vaccinated so staff don’t constantly have to check,” he said.

“We are also working through how we offer takeaway without breaking the rules.”

Mr Carpenter said all his staff are aware of the potential punishments for the business and patrons if they don’t follow the new regulations.

“Patrons potentially can get two lots of fines if they don’t follow directions from staff,” he said.

“One for disobeying COVID rules and one from the police.”

Flick Food & Coffee Bar Oakey’s Clinton White said like Mr Carpenter he was confused by the regulations put forward by the State Government.

Mr White said, thanks to the layout of the café, he is still able to offer a lot of services to unvaccinated Oakey residents.

“I can still serve unvaccinated people but it has to be pick-up only through our takeaway window,” he said.

“We are lucky that we have a window that means people don’t have to walk through the cafe.

“Not every cafe has this option.”

For the full list of new measures from Friday go to:

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