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10 December, 2021

Darwalla Hatchery Expansion

The public release of the Development Application for the Darwalla Milling Co. Pty Ltd facility at Allora provides more details on what the expansion will look like if approved.

The site is located at 67 Bradfields Road, Allora, approximately 1km north-east of the Allora township.

The application was lodged on 12 November 2021.

• The total number of birds that can be facilitated will increase from 1,000,000 per week to 2,000,000 per week.

• There will be no change to the maximum building height associated with the development.

• The loading area and chick processing area associated with the existing building will be utilised for the proposed extension. The proposed extension will not include additional servicing areas in this respect (meaning that the noise and odour source points associated with the development will remain as is).

• Accommodation rooms for employees working at the site will also be incorporated into the design of the extension. These rooms will be located within the internal, second level of the extension and will overlook the Bradfields Road frontage of the site. In total there will be four (4) rooms, each containing a bed area and a small ensuite bathroom. A communal kitchen area will also be provided.

• There will be no change to the existing access arrangements from Bradfields Road.

• Provision of an additional 26 car parking spaces. With the existing number of spaces, there will be a total of 50 on the site.

• Additional water storage tanks for fire fighting etc. will be provided as necessary.

• The hours of operation are proposed to be increase to 5:00am until 7:00pm, seven days per week. It is noted that the approved loading and unloading periods for the development will remain unchanged.

• The total number of staff on the site will increase from 14 people to 17 people.

• There will be no changes to existing servicing arrangements, vehicular access or the operating characteristics of the existing use.

• The extension will be to be north of the existing building and will have a total floor area of 4,322m2 (the entire area of the built form will therefore equate to 8,778m2).

• It cost $15,000 to submit the application.

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