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27 January, 2022

Dog attack prompts warning to others

A Clifton resident has warned dog owners to be watchful when walking their animals in the town’s streets after her own pet was attacked by two larger dogs on Christmas Day.

One of the significant injuries George sustained after he was attacked by a much larger dog.

Inger Andersson said she was walking her pet silky terrier, “George”, at around 5.20am in an area she has previously found to be free of dogs in the vicinity of Meara Place and Tooth Street.

Mrs Andersson said two dogs - a kelpie and a big very light brown dog appeared and started attacking her silky terrier.

“The big dog shook him like a rag,” she said.

Fortunately, her pet somehow managed to escape its collar and ran off.

When Mrs Andersson returned home she found George there and bleeding from his wounds.

The dog was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic in Toowoomba, where it remained under treatment for four days.

“He nearly died,” Mrs Andersson said.

She reported the incident to Toowoomba Regional Council and to Police.

The Anderssons later  discovered the home from which the attacking dogs had escaped and spoke with the occupants, who were looking after the animals for a relative.

They were later told that the large dog had been put down as a result of the attack.

Unless they are on private property or in an approved off-leash area, the law demands that dogs must be restrained by a leash at all times.

Toowoomba Regional Council points out that dogs must be effectively controlled; must not attack, menace or worry other persons or animals; they must not damage private or public property; they must not be allowed to escape from an off-leash area; dogs must wear a collar and identification tag; they must be restrained by a leash outside of off-leash areas at all times; and any of the animal’s faeces must be removed and disposed of appropriately.

In Clifton there is one approved off-leash area for dogs.

This is at the Clifton Recreation Reserve. 

Off-leash dogs are permitted in the Reserve’s south-western area. 

The fields and racing track are excluded.

There is no Council approved off-leash dog area at Nobby.

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