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17 March, 2022

Emu Creek Bridge severely damaged

Vehicles will only be able to travel under modified conditions for an unknown amount of time where Toowoomba-Karara Road crosses Emu Creek at Cambooya.

The extent of the damage to Emu Creek Bridge.

A Department of Transport and Main Roads spokes-person said Emu Creek Bridge on Toowoomba-Karara Road remains open, but is restricted to one lane at 50km/h for vehicles weighing less than five tonnes.

"The five-tonne load limit was introduced for safety reasons after extensive damage to the bridge foundations during last week’s significant rainfall,” the spokesperson said.

“The flooding caused erosion around the bridge support structures, which has undermined its load capacity.”

“Signs have been installed on Toowoomba-Karara Road, north of Felton and south of Cambooya, and on the New England and Cunningham highways warning vehicles of the limit and directing them to find alternative routes.”

“The load limit will apply until the foundations have been reinforced and the abutments repaired.”

Signs were visible from the intersection of Toowoomba-Karara Road and Cudmores Road/Alfred Street on the Cambooya side and at the junction with Southbrook Road on the Felton side. 

The spokesperson said the timeframe for repairs will depend on how quickly resources can be allocated to the works, given many flooded roads across the Darling Downs and the whole of south east Queensland that require urgent repairs.

“We will continue to monitor the bridge,” they said.

“We thank heavy vehicle operators for their cooperation and apologise for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions. But our first priority is always safety.”

The spokesperson was concerned there had been reports of some road closure warning signs having been removed from the approach to the bridge.

“This is a serious safety issue and we appeal to everyone to notify us on 131940 if they witness this behaviour so we can reinstall the necessary signs as quickly as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Flooding of Emu Creek has also caused damage further upstream at Cudmores Road, where sections of the road in the southbound lane have been washed away.

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