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19 January, 2022

How local residents can get involved in solving a crime

Oakey Police are urging all local residents and businesses with CCTV cameras to come forward in a novel plan to more efficiently solve crime cases in the local region.

Oakey Police are urging residents with CCTV cameras to come forward and provide their details.

The creation of a data-base containing contact information, as well as the positioning of CCTV cameras in all private and commercial premises in Oakey is a proactive step towards detecting, disrupting and deterring criminal activities within the community.

Oakey Police Officer- in-Charge Sergeant Scott Nicol said the register will enable police to more readily obtain forensic evidence to identify offenders in the first instance after crimes are reported.

“This database and the information contained within will remain confidential,” Sergeant Nicol said.

“It will be a major benefit to not only the Police but also the members of the Oakey community who may be victims of crime.

“We will hopefully be able to utilise the information in the database to provide an efficient and positive outcome to those people.

“We certainly encourage all residents and business owners within Oakey to come forward and report matters regardless of how minor they think they maybe.

“Even if property was not stolen, we can still investigate.

“Trespassing complaints which may be linked to, or provide circumstantial evidence relating to other more serious crimes.

“Ultimately, this project and the information contained within the database is about the Police ensuring the people in Oakey are safe.“

Residents can join the CCTV database by visiting the Oakey Police Station or calling 4691 1020 during office hours - 8.30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

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