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19 April, 2021

Jeepers! Couple’s Generous Donation

Pittsworth’s Pearl and Trevor Saal with the World War II Jeep that they have generously donated to the Pittsworth RSL Sub-Branch. The couple purchased the vehicle in the 1960s and it has been well loved by the Saal family ever since. The car looked fantastic for Friday’s hand-over after undergoing approximately two years of restoration. The Jeep will now be housed at the Pittsworth Pioneer Village.

In an act of extreme generosity, Pittsworth couple Trevor and Pearl Saal donated their World War II Army Jeep to Pittsworth’s RSL Sub Branch last week.

A large crowd, including Mr and Mrs Saal’s daughter, granddaughter and great grandson, gathered at the Pittsworth Pioneer Village last Friday to witness the official hand-over of the vehicle.

The Jeep, which was purchased in the 1960s from Falconer Motors in Toowoomba, has served many purposes in its time and was well loved by the Saal family.

“It was originally used as a paddock vehicle because in those days we had a lot of black soil and the only thing we could get out was a 4WD,” Mr Saal said.

“We used to take the kids to school in it in the mud so it was also a school bus.”

After having not used the Jeep for many years, Mr Saal came up with the bright
idea to donate it to the RSL.

“We decided we couldn’t give it to one of the kids,” Mr Saal said.

“We’ve got 8 children and we couldn’t give it to one because they’d fight over it.

“So we decided the best place for it was with the RSL because my Dad was in the battle of Beersheba, my older brother was a fighter pilot in the Second World War, Pearl lost two uncles in the First World War and my mum lost a brother, so we’ve had lots of involvement with the RSL over the years.”

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