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6 September, 2021

New town clock proposed

The Pittsworth Lions Club has put forward a proposal for the construction of a new clock tower on the roundabout at the intersection of Yandilla and Short Streets in Pittsworth.

David Olischlager stands in front of the roundabout at the intersection of Yandilla and Short Streets where the proposed town clock would stand.

Having been without a town clock for years following the demolition of Pittsworth’s original town clock on July 14, 2005 when the Council Chambers were renovated, the Lions Club had preliminary discussions last year in regards to the potential to construct a new town clock. 

Since then, President of the Pittsworth Lions Club David Olischlager has been liaising with a number of professionals and other necessary organisations to consider the feasibility of the project, including architects, engineers, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and Rob Smith of The Sel Smith Watch Centre in Toowoomba. 

After many discussions and considering the feedback received, it has so far been proposed that the design would have the following features:

  • Two clock faces, one facing east and one facing west along the axis of Yandilla Street.
  • A solar panel mounted on the north facing roof, removing the need for 240 mains current.
  • A free standing design that allows for good visibility around and across the roundabout.
  • A relatively simple design to minimise distraction for drivers. 
  • A low maintenance metal construction with a design that has protection on the four support poles of the structure to prevent climbing or vandalism.

Mr Olischlager has sketched a suggested traditional design that aims to encompass Pittsworth as a town, including architectural features that reflect the design of the hotels the town has previously lost to fires. 

In order to meet government safety requirements and ensure the clock tower is ‘crashworthy’, it has also been proposed that a low barrier of granite, sandstone or other similar material will be built around the tower, with the potential for images to be etched on the outside, advertising various attractions and important features of the town.

Mr Olischlager said the clock is likely to stand between 25 and 30 feet tall and he is hoping it will be constructed using as many local services and products as possible. 

He said funding for the project will hopefully come from a range of different sources, including both state and federal government funding, grant money, and sponsorships. 

Currently, this new clock tower proposal has garnered interest from the Pittsworth District Alliance and the Pittsworth Rotary Club, however, Mr Olischlager said the Lions are now looking for other interested people in the hope of potentially creating a community group to drive the project forward. 

Anyone interested in being involved should contact David Olischlager on 0481 066 255.

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