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27 January, 2022

Oakey Show postponed due to COVID-19

Oakey Show Society president Judy Byers said she is sad to announce that both the upcoming Oakey Show Ball and Oakey Show have been postponed to a later date due to the uncertainty and potential health and safety impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local young people Eva Lancaster, Lilah Matthewson and Arlia Schefe enjoy the festivities of the 2021 Oakey Show.

Mrs Byers said the committee made the decision at its January meeting last week.

“This has not been an easy decision for myself and the members of the management committee to reach,” she said.

“A number of factors have been considered in making this decision.

“The most important factor considered is the health and safety of our many volunteers, exhibitors, competitors and the local community who attend the annual show.”

Mrs Byers said usually competitors and small businesses from across Queensland and parts of northern New South Wales travel to Oakey every year to participate in the Oakey Show.

She said bringing together people who would don’t typically live and work in the region would create an unacceptable health risk to local residents and Oakey Show volunteers, some of which are elderly.

Mrs Byers said the committee will be meeting next month to discuss the future of the Oakey Show in 2022 and the possibilities for a hosting further events this year.

“We are just postponing the show, a future date and the format of the event will be considered at our next meeting in February,” she said.

“The Oakey Show Ball has also been postponed and this event will be discussed in February as well.

"We are continuing to experience challenging times however by working together and supporting the local businesses and organizations we will get through these challenges.”

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