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16 May, 2021

Offences drop 64% year on year

Data from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has revealed that the area serviced by the Cambooya Police Station has seen 75 fewer offences recorded compared to the previous year.

Cambooya Police Station has had a quieter last twelve months as the number of offences has dropped from 209 to 134.

The Cambooya QPS Division encompasses a large portion of the On Our Selection News coverage area, including Cambooya, Greenmount, East Greenmount, Felton, Vale View and Preston.

In the year from 4 May 2020 to 3 May 2021 there were 134 offences recorded in the Cambooya QPS Division.

This is a steep decrease from the same figures for the prior year, when there were 209 offences recorded, in fact a drop of 64 per cent.

Sergeant Jeremy Sheldrick of Drayton Police Station, which is currently covering the Cambooya Division, said the ongoing pandemic has contributed to the drop.

 “In general terms, COVID has had an effect as less people are moving around,” Sergeant Sheldrick said.

The 134 offences in the last year comprised mainly 40 other thefts, which excludes unlawful entry, 15 traffic and related offences, 14 unlawful entries, 14 other property damage offences and 9 drug offences.

Compared to the previous 12 months, all five of these categories have seen a decrease in the number of offences.

“Other thefts” is down by 13 from 53, traffic and related offences is down by 10 from 25, unlawful entries is down by 17 from 31, other property damage offences is down by 8 from 22 and drug offences is down to 21 from 9.

Sgt Sheldrick said police are paying particular attention to property crimes, offences against the persons and drug offences.

October 2020 was the month with the most offences at 27 and March 2021 the least with 5.

The most offences occurred on Saturdays with 24 and the least on Tuesdays with 14.

Nineteen offences occurred around midnight, more than any other time of day, with a high concentration of these occurring in Cambooya itself. This number is down from 31 in the previous year.

To protect their property and themselves, Sgt Sheldrick advises the public to lock their doors and leave car keys in a secure location that can not be easily found.

Residents living in the south-eastern side of Cambooya should be especially vigilant as there has been a higher concentration of theft, unlawful entry and property damage offences in the area.

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