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6 December, 2021

Pittsworth set to receive more rain than 2011

The official rainfall observations for Pittsworth so far this year are in and records show it is the most rain the town has received since the last significant rain event in 2011.

These paddocks north of Brookstead have been inundated following the recent rain we have received.

The rainfall readings are recorded by Lloyd Cronin who has the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) rain gauge in his backyard at 48 Murray Street, Pittsworth. 

As of 9am on November 30th, which was the final reading for November, Pittsworth had so far received a total of 860.2mm for the year.

The monthly breakdown is as follows:

  • January: 158mm
  • February: 15mm
  • March: 179.4mm
  • April: 33.6mm
  • May: 58.6mm
  • June: 43.4mm
  • July: 51.4mm
  • August: 19.4mm
  • September: 9mm
  • October: 88.8mm
  • November: 203.6mm

With one month still to go this year, it is likely the 2021 rainfall total for the town will surpass that of 2011, which is a welcome change to what our region experienced in 2019 when it received just 171mm for the whole year.

For reference, during the floods in 2010 and 2011 Pittsworth received 1252.4mm and 969.6mm of rain respectively each year.

With a La Niña now declared our region is set to see more significant rainfalls over the coming months.  

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