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2 August, 2021

Pittsworth’s disturbing domestic violence rates

Pittsworth Police have released information about the worrying number of domestic violence reports they respond to in our district in the hope of raising awareness and reducing case numbers.

Sergeant Tim Hoffmann from Pittsworth Police said domestic violence will not be tolerated.

In a two week period local police responded to approximately six reports of domestic disturbances in Pittsworth alone.

On July 13th police were called to a violent domestic disturbance at a local dwelling at approximately 5pm where a 26-years-old Oakey man was allegedly assaulting and attempting to strangle a female.

The man was arrested and charged with the two offences.

He was refused bail and will appear in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on September 8, 2021.

The female victim received minor injuries.

Eleven days later on July 24th police arrested a 51-years-old man in relation to breaching a domestic violence order and no contact clause.

Then, on July 25th, Pittsworth Police arrested and charged a 22-years-old male, also for breaching a domestic violence order.

He was refused bail and remains in custody. 

Police also attended a further three domestic disturbances in the last week alone. 

Sergeant Tim Hoffmann from Pittsworth Police said receiving this many reports of domestic violence in our region in a week is not uncommon.

“For a small community our domestic violence incidents are disturbingly high,” Sergeant Hoffmann said.

“Domestic violence will simply not be tolerated in the community.

“Not now, not ever.”

Sergeant Hoffmann said police promptly respond to any reports of domestic violence in our area and reinforced that perpetrators will receive consequences for their actions.

“If any persons are experiencing domestic violence in the community they are encouraged to speak to police or call the domestic violence helpline,” he said.

 The DVConnect Womensline can be reached at 1800 811 811 and the number for the Mensline is 1800 600 636.

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