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28 April, 2022

Plan to replace Kates Street culverts

Toowoomba Regional Council is in the early stages of design for a project to replace the culverts on Kates Street in Clifton.

Early plans for the project include a proposal to demolish the timber bridge and associated concrete pathway on the northern side of Kates Street.

The culverts lie within a drainage channel that captures water run-off from the upstream catchment to divert flows away from the populated areas to the west of the channel.

The project is being undertaken to improve drainage.

It will include removing the existing six-cell concrete box culverts and replacing them with larger reinforced concrete box culverts with associated culvert inlet and outlet drainage work.

A new concrete pathway will be constructed over the new culverts on the southern side of Kates Street with new road pavement and kerbing across the culverts.

The existing timber bridge and concrete pathway will be demolished.

Consideration is being given to constructing a new concrete pathway on the northern side of Kates Street.

Council says the construction project will be subject to funding being available.

A time frame has yet to be determined.

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