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8 November, 2021

Promotion idea - Clifton: ‘The Friendly Town’

Members of the Clifton and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been urged to consider promoting Clifton as ‘The Friendly Town”, following a mystery shopper survey of the district’s businesses.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce at the annual general meeting.

A director of Little Pig Consulting Clayton Menyweather conducted the survey and gave a report to Chamber members at the annual general meeting last Thursday night.

Mr Menyweather said the retail-centric audit produced mixed results, but overall the people in the businesses surveyed were very friendly, although there was the odd pocket of a less than friendly approach. 

He encouraged business owners to change their approach from simply a transaction to an experience for customers.

“You have to show off the best of yourself every day,” he said.

When he conducted the audit, Mr Menyweather brought his family to the district and said they really enjoyed the day.

They were impressed with what was on offer.

However, he said people living in Toowoomba don’t know what’s here.

He urged business owners, particularly retailers, to acknowledge other features of the district when they engage with customers.

One idea would be to package services - such as starting with morning tea, moving to one or more district attractions, and returning for lunch.

Creating packages such as this could be offered to visitors not just from Toowoomba, but also to people living in the Brisbane and Gold Coast drive markets, and soon, to those south of the border.

As a follow-up to the audit of the business area, the Chamber is arranging for Mr Menyweather to return to the town for one-on-one discussions with business members to report on what the mystery shopper survey revealed and pass on some ideas to improve on their performance, resulting in a better bottom line.

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