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27 October, 2021

Seven youths charged with over 85 break and enter, vehicle theft offences

Oakey Police have charged seven youths in recent days for a total of 85 offences with five of the offenders taken into custody after being arrested at Aubigny Road on Monday morning.

Offenders caused major damage to a residence at Leyden Rise while attempting to steal a vehicle which was parked inside a garage on Friday morning.

The five Toowoomba offenders, aged 12 to 16 years, were charged with 11 or 12 offences each in relation to a burglary and theft of a vehicle in South Toowoomba and an attempted vehicle theft at Aubigny.

Oakey Police Senior Constable Paul Holgate said police were alerted that the group was in the township after reports of a car accident at Aubigny Road near the Warrego Highway.

He said it is believed the group earlier dumped another vehicle at Lorrimer Street.

He said both vehicles were reported stolen, alongside a quantity of goods,  at about 5 o’clock on Monday morning from a South Toowoomba property.

 “The five juveniles abandoned the crashed vehicle and proceeded to walk down Aubigny Road,” Snr. Const. Holgate said.

“They were located and detained first by the Jondaryan Police before receiving assistance from Oakey, Highfields and Toowoomba Police.

“Several items stolen from the South Toowoomba property were found dumped along Aubigny Road and on their person.”

Snr. Const. Holgate said the five Toowoomba boys aged 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 were each charged with 11 to 12 offences relating to the burglary and theft of the vehicles.

  They were transported to the Toowoomba Watchhouse and most will have the offences dealt
with in the Children’s Court.

 Snr. Const. Holgate said the boys were also connected to an attempted vehicle theft at Aubigny that morning.

It will be alleged that the group confronted an elderly woman before trying to steal her car keys.

The boys allegedly ran from the scene without taking the woman’s vehicle.

Snr. Const. Holgate said the 16-years-old boy has also been charged in relation to two recent break and enters at a Leyden Rise address.

In the first incident, a vehicle was stolen from the property with the offenders allegedly returning to the address
on Friday morning to steal a second vehicle.

The offenders were able to gain access to the residence and take the car keys, but crashed the vehicle into the garage when trying to leave the scene.

Snr. Const. Holgate said the offenders then abandoned the damaged vehicle at the scene and left the area.

Oakey Police Officer-in-Charge Sergeant John Cook said two more juveniles have also been charged with 15 and 16 offences each for break and enters in Oakey.

He said police are making headway when it comes to recent crimes.

“We have had a significant spike in juvenile crime in the last month or so,” he said.

“All our efforts have been aimed at getting on top of this and we are having some good results.”

He urged Oakey residents to be vigilant and ensure their vehicles are secure at all times.

He said people should also keep their house and car keys in a hidden location at all times.

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