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15 October, 2021

Southern Downs Regional Council connects with Allora

A number of interested residents took the opp-ortunity to meet with the Mayor and Councillors when they visited Allora last week.

Mayor Vic Pennisi and Councillors invited locals to share their challenges, issues and any ideas they may have. 

A small group of con-cerned residents brought up a number of grievances:

• The speed limit in South Street is 40kmh but trucks can be seen driving faster than that so SDRC will notify the Main Roads Dept.

• On the corner of Warwick and Herbert Streets the speed limit is 60kmh, which is considered to be dangerous for people using the pedestrian crossing while cars are backing out from the supermarket.

• Who is looking after Allora’s Memorial Park? SDRC is the Trustee for the Department of Resources so Council is responsible. The Council is appointing to Allora a permanent employee from its Parks and Garden division.

• The Shelter Shed at the Cemetery needs repair, something which had been brought up at a previous meeting of Council, however nothing has been done. Money was put in trust by a prominent resident William Mitchner to maintain the building on an ongoing basis for the benefit of the public. Council are looking into the matter.

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