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5 July, 2021

Ute stolen, burnt out

A Clifton business owner was left devastated on Thursday June 24 as his Toyota Hilux was stolen in broad daylight from his Margaret Street premises and later found burnt out to the north of Oakey on Sunday (June 27).

The charred remains of David Robertson’s Toyota Hilux.

David Robertson, the owner of the Toyota Hilux, said on Thursday morning (June 24)  he had left his business in another vehicle to go get a COVID vaccination between 6.30am and 8.30am.

“They took the keys out of my workshop office,” he said.

Mr Robertson is the Managing Director of QuadBar, a local business on Margaret Street in the south of Clifton that manufactures Quadbar quad bike safety  accessories.

Although the ute itself was locked, the workshop was not, allowing the thief or thieves access to the keys.

Mr Robertson urged people to learn from his experience.

“Keep your keys locked up,” he said.

Mr Robertson said he took some solace in that the car was insured, yet for not as much as the car was worth.

“It was insured at an $8,000 value but worth nearly double, only having done 60,000 kilometres,” he said.

Mr Robertson said he hoped people would not make the same mistake he had.

“Keep your eyes on the insurance and insured value,” he said.

The vehicle was found on Sunday at 12.30pm on Greenwood Boah Water Hole Road in Greenwood, about 10km north of Oakey and over an hour’s drive from Clifton.

The vehicle had also been sighted near Nobby after it had been stolen.

On Monday afternoon, Mr Robertson said he was yet to hear from police that his car had been found.

“My girlfriend found out on social media,” he said.

Senior Constable Tyson Morris of Clifton Police had similar advice to Mr Robertson about how to avoid having a vehicle stolen.

“Keep your keys out of sight inside your house,” he said.

Senior Constable Morris said to also make sure vehicles themselves are locked and secured.

“Don’t leave your keys in your car and make sure your car is locked,” Senior Constable Morris said.  

The person or persons responsible for the theft are unknown and the police investigation is ongoing.

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