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15 December, 2021

Vandalism destroying Wyreema’s Barton Park

The existing shade sail at Barton Park on the southern side of Wyreema will be removed as Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has deemed this the best cause of action following vandalism.

At Barton Park, vandals tore a large hole in the shade sail above the playground

TRC Environment and Community Portfolio Leader Chair Cr Tim McMahon said Barton Park has suffered ongoing vandalism of the playground area, including the spraying of graffiti on play equipment, and repeated damage to the play shade cover.

“Recently the shade sail structure, protecting the play area, has had another large hole cut into the shade cloth,”Cr McMahon said.

“This damage has created a significant safety issue for the
playground, allowing unsafe climbing, with some users dangerously accessing the top of the shade sail structure.

“It’s disappointing to see the vandalism which has taken place. This is a park which offers a range of activities for all members of our community. 

“When this type of damage occurs, it affects all community members who use the facilities and ultimately the cost of repairing the damage falls to ratepayers”

Cr McMahon said council officers have investigated the possibility of altering the existing shade structure, however, modification of the existing shade structure is problematic, expensive and the modifications required are unable to gain compliance with necessary building codes.

“Due to ongoing vandalism the current shade sail structure does not meet current safety standards and in order to manage the risk of serious personal injury in the interim, the structure will be removed,” Cr McMahon said.

“Fortunately, the park has a range of shade trees present and many of the play areas will still remain shaded so that children can continue to enjoy the facilities.

“Council will investigate the future provision of an
alternative shade structure in capital budgets with a replacement cost for a new shade structure estimated at $25,000.”

Barton Park is located off McDougall Court, to the east of Balfour Street and south of Newman Road.

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