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13 December, 2021

Whatever it takes

The sound and sight of helicopters landing at Clifton Showgrounds and flying west recently was local business CEFN transporting workers in and out of the Ellangowan piggery.

The trip to work for CEFN workers has been a bit different lately with the road being swapped for the air out of necessity.

Heavy rain and flooded rivers and creeks saw access to the Ellangowan piggery impossible by road.

CEFN Chief Operating Officer Zane Harper said CEFN had plans in place for such a situation.

Preceding forecasts for heavy rain in previous weeks, CEFN had paid to put a helicopter on hold
with Vision Air Services in case of flooding.

This decision proved to be wise, as the deluge of rain last Tuesday saw Clifton Leyburn Road closed at the twin bridges, Toowoomba Karara Road and Clifton Pittsworth Road closed among others.

From Wednesday last week, pilot Ben Wagner took numerous loads of workers back and forth between Clifton and Ellangowan ensuring that the piggery could still operate.

Mr Harper said everyone involved, the workers and Vision Air Services, had done a great job ensuring the business could still function during a natural disaster.

On Wednesday alone, 38 people as well as some supplies had been transported by helicopter with a maximum load of six people per trip.

Mr Harper said despite the circumstances his team had been adjusting well, working 12 to 14 hour shifts and starting work at all hours of the day.

CEFN had also had the helicopter flown out of Pittsworth to transport workers.

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