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16 February, 2022

Another fingerling release at Oakey Creek

Taking advantage of the improved water quality, the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking Association released another 12,000-plus fingerlings in local waterways last month with the aim of the keeping the system stocked with native fish species.

Rodney Christensen from the Fish Stocking Association said 12,000 golden perch and 500 Murray cod fingerings were released in the Oakey Creek in January mostly at the Bowenville Reserve section of waterway.

He said about six families took part in the release event with the fingerlings again provided by the Granite Belt Fish Hatchery.

Mr Christensen said the decent rainfall at the end of 2021 increased the quality of the creek system for fish populations.

“Flooding works to oxygenate the water,” he said.

“It just seems to bring everything back to life.

“I think Oakey Creek is in pretty good nick and I have seen some good cod numbers.

 “There have also been some large cods caught in the creek, including a 90cm cod.

 “The river system does look to be in a healthy condition and it’s down to the rain we had last year. I probably would have liked more.”

 Mr Christensen, who also fishes in the local area on a regular basis, said he has caught fish that he believes could be the result of an earlier release by the local Fish Stocking Association.

He said this shows the success of the group’s ongoing work.

Mr Christensen said the organisation is planning a release of silver perch fingerlings into the local creek sometime in March.

He encouraged locals to keep an eye out for more information on the event which is dependent on fingerling stock.

He said people are welcome to come and help with the release and get involved with the association.

“We will also be having an Easter raffle soon. 

“Tickets will be for sale soon outside the Oakey Newsagents or via Facebook,” Mr Christensen said.

He said the funds raised at the raffles enable the group to continue their work stocking
the creek system to benefit both local residents and the natural environment.

For more information head to the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking Association Facebook page or call 0427 139 480.

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