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31 March, 2022

Competing on the biggest stage

A dream has become reality in a few short years for Clifton State High School student Kehan Edwards, who will be competing in the Torian Pro, a major international competition in the up-and-coming sport of CrossFit.

Training at his home gym, Kehan prepares for the 2022 Torian Pro.

CrossFit is a high intensity fitness workout that combines strength, conditioning and an overall fitness program with many types of exercise.

Over recent weeks, Kehan has competed in the CrossFit Open Competition, with each of the three stages having a different qualifying event announced just before competition begins.

The Torian Pro will be held at Pat Rafter Arena in Brisbane on 20-22 May with only qualifying athletes from the CrossFit Open invited to compete for the fittest in their divisions.

Despite his success, Kehan is relatively new to the sport, watching it for the first time in 2016 and participating in it himself for only two years.

He trains at the CrossFit Confront gym in Toowoomba, as well as at his home gym.

Kehan said he is very excited for the Torian Pro which is now less than  two months away.

“I’m really, really keen,” he said.

“It’s my first big competition. I never thought I would be competing - it’s a dream come true.”

Just last year, Kehan was on the sidelines for the Torian Pro, soaking in the atmosphere.

This year, he will take the centre stage while his family and friends will cheer him on from the sidelines and from home, watching it live-streamed on YouTube.

Kehan recommends to anyone interested in CrossFit to give it a shot.

“Definitely give it a try,” he said.

“It’s so much fun and there’s a lot of variety in the weightlifting.”

Kehan will be competing against athletes from across the Oceania Region, which  includes all of Australia as well as  New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa.

Kehan Edwards finished 7th place in the Torian Pro qualifier for the 16/17 teens division, with only the top 8 qualifying across the Oceania Region.

His mother Fiona said to qualify for the Torian Pro is a dream that only elite and very dedicated athletes can achieve.

“Amazing. All that hard work has paid off,” Mrs Edwards said.

“It is an incredible achievement for such a young man, and gives our Darling Downs region another athlete to be proud of.

“The not-so-little boy from Clifton!”

In the Worldwide CrossFit Open, Kehan placed in the top 7 per cent in his division, finishing 123rd out of 1843 entrants.

His best event finish in the CrossFit Open is 97th/1843 worldwide in his division.

Kehan said he would like to thank his coaches at CrossFit Confront, Zach and Peggy, for all their help.

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