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26 April, 2022

Let’s Go Back In Time

JULY 2019 - The Allora Shire 150 year celebrations were held. To be part of this special occasion the Allora Regional Sports Museum asked the general public to name the Shires best ever Sportsman or Woman.

With the help of the Allora Advertiser 68 nominations of high achieving people were received .

These nominations were given to 4 independent judges from outside the Shire. The overall winner would be named as Allora’s first Sporting Immortal .

The judges could not split between Laura Geitz and Wayne Bennett so the award was rightly shared.

Due to their sporting commitments neither could attend this presentation .

Months later a  statuette of Laura was cast and mounted on a sandstone plinth kindly donated by John and Jill Bockman from Warwick Sandstone.

This is placed over a buried time capsule and will guard it until its retrieval in 2069.

This small park with seating (courtesy of SDRC) is to be dedicated to our Immortals, Laura and Wayne.

Both were  available and excited to officially open it on MARCH 21, 2020.

Little did we know the world was to be shut down on 23 March. Mayor Dobie strongly advised us to postpone the event for 3 months so the virus would pass but over 2 years later and it’s still here!!!

So moving onto 2022.

After much hard work and negotiation Perry Cronin, President of the Allora Sports Museum has set a new date.

JULY 16, 2022 will be removed from the calendar and will become MARCH 21, 2020.

Immortals Laura and Wayne along with Museum Patron Shane Webcke and 2020 Mayor Tracy Dobie have accepted the invitation to attend this special ceremony.

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