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13 September, 2021

Millmerran Campdraft

The annual Millmerran Campdraft was held at the Millmerran Showgrounds last weekend, bringing large crowds into the town.

A campdraft starts out with a number of cattle in a smaller yard and the rider has to separate one beast from the others and show they can keep control of it, stopping it from getting back to the other cattle before chasing it around in a cloverleaf-like pattern.

The event, which was held on September 3rd, 4th and 5th, saw people travel from across Queensland to attend and compete.

This year, there were 1,770 nominations for the campdraft and 223 individual competitors were selected, completing a combined total of 960 runs.

The judges, riders and spectators came from Peak Crossing to Proston and everywhere in between, bringing a large influx of people to the town, boosting the local economy and presenting like-minded people with the opportunity to socialise and have fun.

Although the ongoing COVID situation in NSW meant some competitors and judges were unable to attend, the event organisers said the pandemic had only a very small impact overall and the campdraft went well.

The funds raised from the event will be distributed among community groups such as the Millmerran Hospital Auxiliary and Anglicare. 

Previously funds have also been donated to LifeFlight and the Qld Cancer Fund.

Major sponsors were TJS Bobcat Hire P/L, THS Skip Bins P/L, T. & G. Dwan Superfloats, and Mort & Co Lot Feeders. 

This year’s cattle donors were the McNamee Family (Lemontree Feedlot), Millar Family, R. & K. Stevens, Atthow Family, Reg Henshaw, Macquarie Wagyu and the Pearce Family.

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