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8 February, 2024

Super soccer sessions

Pittsworth Vikings Soccer Club has spent the last few weeks visiting local schools to get young kids involved and excited about playing soccer.

Southbrook Central State School students took to the blow up field for a game of soccer.

With recent visits to Biddeston State School, Mt Tyson State School and Southbrook Central State School, Pittsworth Vikings are introducing kids to the love of soccer. 

Krissi Parke, along with five Pittsworth State High School students has organised and led the soccer sessions, teaching students ball skills, control and to just have fun!

When the Mt Tyson students were asked what they liked best about the session, one enthusiastic child said, “When I scored the goal!”  

The game of soccer is about more than just physical activity. 

It builds fitness, challenges and stimulates children, encourages team orientation and social skills, and improves motor skills. 

After Australia hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup last year, kids today are more eager than ever to learn about soccer, and give it a go.

A survey was undertaken by the Australian Sports Commission on the impact of the FIFA Women’s World Cup last year, on the Australian community. 

The summary report revealed that 75 per cent of Australians who watched, read or listened to coverage of the World Cup, saw something that made them feel proud to be Australian or made them consider participating, or encouraging their child to participate in sport.

Comments from the survey included how Australia’s performance during the World Cup could inspire the next generation, and make kids believe their own dreams can be achieved. 

The benefit of having these sessions, was not only for the students who participated, but also for the ones who conducted the lessons. 

Volunteering their time were Pittsworth State High students Ayden Dowe (grade 9), Ryley Dowe (grade 9), Annabelle Parke (year 10), Courtney Dowe (year 12), and Qwyntan Pearson (year 12). 

Each student took time out of their busy school schedule, with the support of their Principal, to be there each day.  

Their aim was to teach soccer skills, encourage kids to try new sports, and just have fun!

The Vikings crew brought along a giant blow up field, which was used during the sessions, except at Mt Tyson.  

Due to heavy rain showers that morning, their session was held in the hall. 

Students enjoyed an icy pole after the drills and were gifted a bag of soccer balls by the Vikings club. 

St Stephen’s Primary School is next in line for a visit from the club, which will take place tomorrow. 

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