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21 March, 2024

A Resounding No To Proposed Wind Farm

Enthusiastic city-driven support for renewable energy infrastructure is in direct contrast to the majority feeling in the Allora district where a public meeting last week demonstrated strong opposition to any idea that a wind farm should be established in the Goomburra Valley area.

A huge crowd attended the Community Meeting on Thursday evening at the Allora Sports Club to learn more about the proposed Wind Farm in the Goomburra Valley.
A huge crowd attended the Community Meeting on Thursday evening at the Allora Sports Club to learn more about the proposed Wind Farm in the Goomburra Valley.

Close to 300 people attended the meeting at the Allora Sports Club.

If ever there was a demonstration that the town needs its Community Hall, this was it, with all seats and standing room in the Sports Club occupied and the crowd spilling out onto the bowling green.

The meeting had been promoted for a 6.30 start and those who arrived just prior to that time were disappointed to find that the event was well underway.

The initial speaker, Graham Park, gave a measured address outlining approaches being made by the proponent company, Wind Prospect Pty Ltd.

Mr Park and following speakers emphasised the point that landholders who are approached about renewable energy infrastructure should be fully informed.

“As landholders we’ve got to ask the right questions,” Mr Park said.

AgForce Regional Director, South East Queensland, Scott Reed reinforced the need for landholders to continue asking questions and urged them to get legal advice from a law company with experience in such matters before signing anything.

Mr Reed suggested and other speakers suggested that the establishment of a wind farm would bring about additional costs insuch things as insurance and local government rates, although the matter of council rating was later addressed by Southern Downs Mayor Vic Pennisi, who told the meeting that rates charges would be levied on the energy operating company for each tenure of land upon which a wind tower sat.

He said landhowners will not be paying rates on those tenures.

Probably the most passionate speaker during the night was Katy McCallum from Kilkivan, who spoke of the fight that community waged against Powerlink.

She told those present that the community needs to stick to together.

“You guys all need to stay united,” she said.

Ms McCallum said this is a big ticket issue for every country town in Australia at the moment.

Member for Southern Downs James Lister gauged the mood of the meeting correctly and drew strong applause when he said he’s happy to oppose this in Parliament if that’s what the community wants.


The Allora Advertiser contacted Wind Prospect following Thursday night’s meeting and the company’s Regional Development Manager, Michale Sale was shocked to hear that close to 300 people had turned up.

In a statement issued later, Mr Sale said there are currently no plans for a wind farm development in the vicinity of Allora.

“As part of our standard practice, Wind Prospect has conducted preliminary enquiries with several landowners in the Allora area as part of an initial scoping phase,” he said. 

“This process is essential as we explore potential locations throughout Queensland to host renewable energy projects to help Australia reach its clean energy targets.

“Wind Prospect is committed to following a thorough and transparent process in evaluating various locations. 

“Early communication and engagement with local communities, landowners and stakeholders are an integral part of this process,” Mr Sale said.


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