14 December, 2023

Cambooya Landcare Workshop & AGM

Attendees were treated to interesting presentations on flood damage rehabilitation and management at Cambooya Landcare’s Workshop at Felton Hall.

Workshop audience at Felton Hall.
Workshop audience at Felton Hall.

The major theme was Cambooya Landcare’s Umbiram Creek project which is supporting local landholders to work together to better understand flood risk and ways to reduce the speed at which flood waters move through the creek system.

Joseph Canning of Hawkeye Access presented on the capture of digital terrain height information over the Umbiram Creek project area using an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – in other words - Drone). 

Joseph also gave a live demonstration of the UAV in action outside the hall.

Mark Genrich, an experienced Soil Conservation consultant, discussed how the information provides a very clear view of where and why flood damage problems are occurring. 

Combined with land-holder local on ground knowledge it becomes a very powerful land management tool. 

The UAV captures data rapidly compared to using the old manual methods of level and staff which would take many days’ hard slog in the field.

Paul Webb of Southern Queensland Landscapes gave an engaging presentation on Water Flow Management which explained the hydrological cycle of rainfall and runoff, the benefits of ground-cover and stream bank management. 

Paul also introduced some online support tools such as Forage to manage groundcover and grazing.

The project was made possible through a grant from the Queensland Government - 2021 and 2022 Queensland Flooding - Category C - Flexible Funding Grants Program - Small grant program.

The Workshop was followed by the Cambooya Landcare 2023 Annual General Meeting. 

The existing Committee was returned in the absence of other nominations:

Kate Reardon-Smith – Chair; Hugh Reardon-Smith – Treasurer; Glenn Knight – Secretary.

The Deputy Chair position remains vacant and nominations from the community would be welcomed.


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