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24 June, 2024

High school embraces new hall

Clifton State High School (CSHS) students of yesteryear will be very envious of the current crop of students as they begin to use the school’s new multi-purpose hall over the coming weeks and months.

Clifton State High School’s state-of-the-art multi-purpose hall.
Clifton State High School’s state-of-the-art multi-purpose hall.

The school held its first ever assembly in the new hall on Monday morning, 24 June.

Those who ventured outside on that Monday morning will know how pleased the students and staff of CSHS were to be inside their brand new hall and away from the bitterly cold wind.

The old hall of course offered no such protection.

Some finishing touches will be applied over the next two weeks, which are school holidays, readying the hall to be used for lessons, recreation and more in Term 3 and beyond.

Speaking at the assembly, CSHS Principal Lou Oberholzer bestowed the importance of responsibly looking after the hall to students, as it will be used for many decades to come.

Although plans have already been cemented for the 2024 school formal, Mr Oberholzer said it is hoped the 2025 formal will be held in the new hall.

Some features of the new facility include a gym, toilets, stage (with accessibility ramp), audio-visual room and ample storage.

Many sports will be able to be played, notably basketball, accommodated by line markings on the floor and basketball hoops, which are retractable.

Mr Oberholzer said the hall will not just be the school’s but an asset for the wider Clifton community.

Alongside future school formals, the hall can be used for other school events such as awards nights and socials as well as potentially non-school events.

Upgrades will continue at CSHS, with Mr Oberholzer sharing news that there is funding to refurbish toilet blocks, as well as continuing works on the equine facility.

The school supervisor from the Department of Education was in attendance.


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