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25 June, 2024

Local Police Report On Traffic Crash

Sergeant Damian Grace, Officer in Charge of Allora Police, has provided a report on a traffic crash that occurred on the New England Highway.

Local Police Report On Traffic Crash - feature photo

Shortly after 3.30pm on Thursday 13th June, a 3 vehicle traffic crash occurred on the New England Highway intersection with Forest Plains Road at the Allora industrial estate.

Local Police, Ambulance and Fire Services attended the scene, with a 57yr old Toowoomba man taken to the TBH complaining of chest and leg pain.

From investigations conducted it is apparent that while one vehicle in the northbound lane, had stopped to wait for oncoming traffic before turning into Forest Plains Road, the second vehicle was slowing down behind it and intending to do the same.

At this time however, a third vehicle travelling in the same direction has failed - for reasons still under investigation - to realise what the vehicles in front were intending and plowed into the rear of the 2nd vehicle, causing it then to drive forward into the rear of the first vehicle. While the 1st and 2nd vehicles sustained moderate damage, the 3rd vehicle was undriveable and required to be towed.

The highway remained open as traffic was diverted around the scene. In this instance, drivers need be aware that the onus (responsibility) is upon them to drive a safe enough distance behind the vehicle in front, so as to be able to avoid collision in the event something happens.

While Police are still waiting to speak with the driver of that 3rd vehicle (not living in the local area), they would also like to thank, those local persons and motorists (you know who you are), who stopped to render aid and their assistance at the scene.


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